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Product Information

By clicking on the following links you will find helpful information on our products, their uses, instructions on the correct procedure of their use and health and safety information.

Health & Safety at Work Act

The use of Mould Polishes and Cutting Pastes for Preparing and Polishing Glassfibre Moulds and Plugs

Kanstick Cure Fast Technical Application Data for Thermoset Moulding

Silicone Rubber RTV 25C & Flexil S

Flexil PVC Hot Melt Compounds

Instructions for the use of Metallic Jewels in G.R.P. Mouldings

Instructions for using Polycore

The use of 32032-00 Clear Casting Resin

Downland Latex Rubber

Simulated Metal Surfaces (Cold Cast Metal)

Instructions on Glassfibre Mould Making

Instructions on Glassfibre Moulding

Pigment Additions

Catalyst or Accelerator Additions