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Health & Safety at Work Act


The Health and Safety at Work Act requires all manufacturers and suppliers to submit to their customers details concerning the handling and safety precautions which should be observed in the utilisation of their products.
We would like to remind our customers of the following general precautions to be taken when handling chemical material and advise that should more specific advice be required we will be able to assist.

Some of the products in this catalogue are chemicals and should therefore be subject to the normal codes of industrial practice. They should not be ingested, inhaled or allowed to contaminate the skin and eyes.

It is recommended that full use be made of items such as overalls, eye goggles and barrier creams when handling any chemical material.


a. In the event of skin contact, wash the contaminated areas with copious quantities of water,

b. Seek medical aid at the earliest opportunity.

c. In the event of ingestion, dilute corrosive materials with large volumes of fluid, or in the case of non-corrosive materials, induce vomiting. Seek medical aid immediately.

d. In the event of eye contact, irrigate with copious quantities of water for at least 20 minutes and seek medical aid.


a. Since many chemicals are readily combustible,
they should be kept away from all heat sources.

b. All spillages should be cleared up as soon as
they occur.

c. All labelling instructions should be read carefully
and closely complied with.

d. Due consideration should be given to the
possibility that hazardous by-products could arise
from the interaction of chemicals.

e. Chemicals giving rise to vapours, should only be
handled in areas of adequate ventilation and fume


CHEMICALS CAN BE DANGEROUS IF NOT HANDLED WITH RESPECT and therefore it is IMPERATIVE that all employees are both adequately trained and efficiently supervised.

Health and safety information for resin and catalysts is included in this catalogue and is available for all products requiring it. If you have not received the appropriate information for any hazardous material purchased from us please do not hesitate to request a data sheet.