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Treadle Operated Dip Tank

Order ref: AAO 17555

tred Dip tank

This unit can be sited centrally in the G.R.P. shop and will serve several operators for cleaning brushes and rollers.
The hinged cover is self closing and therefore protects the cleaning solvents from fire risk or contamination and at the same time minimises evaporation when the tank is not in use. In the event of accidental ignition of the flammable solvent whilst cleaning is taking place, the operator simply removes his foot from the treadle bar when the cover will drop and snuff out the fire.
It is possible to stand up to four one-gallon polythene buckets in the container for use when different colours are being used.
Use of the equipment is simplicity itself, the operator places a foot on the treadle bar and carries out the necessary cleaning operation, using both hands if necessary. Removal of the foot closes the cover.
A rack is fitted internally for the storage of brushes and rollers. Drain plug fitted in bottom of tank.


Size ...........................42” x 24” x 38” (1067mm x 609mm x 965mm)
Tank Size ............30” x 9” x 13” deep (762mm x 228mm x 330mm)
Solvent content ........................ 3 gallons = 3” deep (13.6lt = 75mm)

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