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Tools and Taps

Bung Remover

Order ref: AAO 16185


A handy tool for removing the 2" or 3/4" bung in 45 gallon (225kg) barrels. 21" (533mm) long for easy leverage. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel tube.

Acetone Taps

Order ref: AAO 15676 (3/4”BSP Plastic) AOO 15675 (3/4”BSP Brass with locking lever for padlock)


Resin Taps

Order ref: AAO 17326 (2”BSP Resin Tap)


These large aperture, non-drip resin taps have been proven over many years to be the ideal tap for dispensing polyester resin from 200L drums. The sliding plate principle gives good control of resin flow and can be adjusted infinitely from a dribble to a full-bore flow.
2" B.S.P to fit large hold in 45 gallon (204.5ltr.) drum.
Cast iron with gun metal slide.

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