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With the present day high cost of resins it is very necessary to eliminate all possible wastage and to make certain that only the correct amount of material is used for each moulding.
To fill this need we have produced the Downland Resin Catalyst Dispenser Unit, which can save its cost in 12 months on time and materials saved.
Resins may be drawn from barrels or bulk storage tanks, and for safety the catalyst is drawn direct from the manufacturers containers.
The unit will dispense pre-set measured quantities of resin together with catalyst at 1/2 - 4% as required.
As only compressed air is used for operation there are no fire hazards, and the system is designed for trouble free operation.
The dispenser is based on a pair of linked Resin and Catalyst pumps, powered by an air cylinder and controlled by a mechanical metering device. Resin and Catalyst are drawn direct from the manufacturers containers and dispensed through adjacent non-drip valves into the operators mixing vessel. The unit can dispense shots of Resin up to 10kgs in weight with divisions of 100 grms and the Catalyst percentage is adjustable between 1/2% and 4%.
As the Resin and Catalyst are dispensed through two separate valves there is no mixing chamber to flush out but at the end of the working day the outlet from the Resin non-drip valve will require removing and cleaning in solvent.

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