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Personal Hygiene and Protection

Barrier Powder

Order ref:  AOO 16462

For the prevention of irritation due to handling glassfibre mats. First apply barrier cream and then lightly dust the powder on.
Supplied in 55 grm puffer packs for individual use.

Downland Resinkleen

Order ref:  ABO 16468 (5 Litre bucket)


The Hand Cleaner specially formulated for the G.R.R industry.
Resinkleen is a truly hardworking hand cleanser and it has the added benefit of Lanolin, leaving the hands smooth and soft. Resinkleen quickly removes polyester and similar resins, also oil and grease safely and comfortably. Resinkleen contains no abrasives and rinses clean off with water, leaving no potentially harmful residue on the hands.
Applied to the contaminated hands, Resinkleen quickly dissolves the contaminant which can then be completely rinsed off with water. Safer too, Resinkleen eliminates the use of thinners, which, as well as being inflammable, can also damage the skin. Resinkleen is efficient, economical, has a pleasant smell and does not deteriorate in storage.
Supplied in 5 litre containers.

Deb proteks Barrier Cream

Order ref:  AOO 16461 (2.5 Litre bucket)

A pre-work cream to help protect the skin against non-water based soilings such as dry powders, oils, greases, solvents and resins. Supplied in 2.5L buckets.


Order ref:  AOO 16467


Model 1001/1
Dispenser for Rozalex Multiguard barrier creams, 2 litre capacity in silver hammer finish, complete with wall fixing screws and plugs.

Maxi Paper Wipers

Order ref:  AOO 16557 (2 Roll carton) AOO 16558 (Floor Stand)


Maxi Paper Wipers are a clean, convenient and hygienic replacement for waste rags. They are made from pure wool pulp to a high specification which provides maximum absorbancy with good wet strength. Each roll is 23cms wide x 400m long and should provide sufficient paper for one worker for 2-3 months.

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