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Barcol Hardness Tester


With the advent of BS5570 and improved quality control generally in the GRP industry the Barcol Hardness Tester is coming into its own as an easy to use, simple to read hardness tester. Particularly useful for high quality mouldings such as boats, chemical tanks and fire resistant mouldings where the moulder can check before the moulding leaves his factory that it has achieved its full cure and therefore technical properties, and is ready to enter service.
The recognised way of testing the hardness, both of gelcoat and laminates. The portable hardness tester can be used in confined spaces and experience is not necessary.
The recommended method of testing a laminate is by taking 12 readings over an area. Then remove from the list of readings the highest and lowest figures and average remaining 10.

Order ref.
AAO 15970

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