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CSM Wheel Cutter


The CSM Wheel Cutter is a revolutionary new tool for cutting glassfibre mat and woven ravings. It is a lightweight hand held tool, that due to its unique cutting wheel action, will cut 8 layers of 450grm/mē chopped strand mat with ease.
The CSM Wheel Cutter is easy to use, reduces operator fatigue and increases production. The integral wheel guard greatly miminises the risk of operator injury which is inherent in the old fashioned craft knives.
The Wheel Cutter has a high quality tungsten steel blade which has been proven to last for at least 50 hours of continous use on chopped strand mat.
The best surface for cutting on is a polypropylene sheet.

Order ref.
AAO 16434   
POOO 5250 Spare Blades


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