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Acetone Drum Pump

Acetone Drum Pump: Order ref: AOO 15679
Resin Drum Pump: Order ref: AOO 17330

The Downland Acetone Drum Pump is a sturdy hand operated semi-rotary pump designed to transfer acetone from 205L shipping drums to small containers for workshop use. It has been well proven under production conditions.
It is simple to operate - just screw it into the 2˝ BSP bung-hole of a 205L drum, loosen the 3⁄4˝ bung and push the handle backwards and forwards - and has an
output of 20L per minute, making it faster to use than the conventional 3⁄4˝ drum tap.
It is considerably safer than the alternative drum taps as it obviates the possibility of leakage and helps users conform to COSHH regulations.
The acetone drum pump is normally supplied with a steel suction pipe to suit a 205L drum, but can also be supplied with a flexible suction pipe to enable the pump to be bolted to a wall and draw solvent from a 25L container.
The Downland Resin Drum Pump is a heavy duty hand-operated semi-rotary pump designed to transfer laminating resin from 225kg shipping drums to mixing vessels.
It is based on our well-proven acetone pump with caged ball valves to ensure that viscous resins can be dispensed quickly and easily.

Acetone Pump Specs

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